Display all the classes loaded by jvm in Eclipse

I have a maven project which referenced hibernate-jpa-2.0 then I upgraded to hibernate-jpa-2.1. I got rid of all the indirect references to jpa-2.0 in pom and added explicitly the reference to jpa-2.1 but somehow it still uses the old one. In order to find out which jar version it is using, I added ‘-verbose:class‘ vm parameter then found out it still uses jpa-2.0 on the classpath. Then I manually deleted jpa-2.0 from local maven repository and rebuilt the project. Then everything works fine.

about jQuery find

if an element doesn’t exist, jQuery’s find method will not return undefined, instead it will create a new object and return it. So if you want to detect if an element exists or not, then you should use the length property. For example:

if (0 == $(‘div’).find(‘ul’).length) { // if div doesn’t contain any ul element

// do whatever