Solve juniter addon not working in IE11 issue


In my company, we have Juniper Network Connect 7.1.0 with Host Checker. Although it is not supported officially, I found a workaround.

  • Put the URL in Trusted Sites or Local Intranet zone in Internet Settings.
  • Enable Compatibility View on URL.
    • Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Internet Explorer\BrowserEmulation\PolicyList\
    • Value: “”
    • Type: REG_SZ
    • Data: “”
  • Make sure User Access Control (UAC) is enabled.

Indeed we identified that some of our users have disabled UAC on Windows 7 because they think that UAC is only an annoying useless feature that does nothing but bother them with popups. For a reason I don’t fully understand, NC seems to crash if the user is administrator of their computer and UAC is disabled. This behavior is not observed with previous versions of IE.

I recommended to enforce UAC with Group Policies and include it in the mandatory security compliance rules for all workstations.

Hope it helps! Regards!

what if application manager app ui messed in TIBCO AMX BPM

This mainly happens due to http compression. You can resolve it by adding the following property to BPMNode.tra file which is located at this path: /CONFIG_HOME/tibco/data/tibcohost/Admin-AMX BPM-AMX BPM Server/data_3.2.x/nodes/BPMNode/bin

check and kill active sessions in Oracle

first, find out all active sessions for a user

SELECT DISTINCT sid, serial#, status, username FROM v$session;


To kill a session, run:

ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION ‘<sid>, <serial#>’;

invalid character in xcode

Quite often when I code in Xcode, I type no-break space (Option + Space / Option + Shift + Space) especially before or after square brackets or curly braces. This causes Xcode to give warning:

invalid character in source file

A workaround is to assign Option+Space and Option+Shift+Space to “Make Text Writing Direction Left ToRight” in Xcode

  • Preferences (menu)
  • Key Bindings(section)
  • Default(drop down)
  • Text(tab)
  • Writing Direction(section)
  • Make Text Writing Direction Left ToRight(command)
  • Double-click and use (+) on the right to add key bindings.

You could assign them to any other command that doesn’t have a useful effect for you.

It will make it seem that the space bar is not responding when you accidentally hold the modifier keys but that’s much less of a time waster than the compilation errors.

Install vim in mac os x


  • Step 1. Install homebrew from here:
  • Step 1.1. Run export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
  • Step 2. Run brew update
  • Step 3. Run brew install vim && brew install macvim
  • Step 4. Run brew link macvim

You now have the latest versions of vim and macvim managed by brew. Run brew update && brew upgrade every once in a while to upgrade them.

This includes the installation of the CLI mvim and the mac application (which both point to the same thing).

I use this setup and it works like a charm. Brew even takes care of installing vim with the preferable options.