use nodeutil to clean up BPM application

Stop all BPM nodes.

1.Find the bpm-db-clean utility under


2. Run: ant[app name] -Dmajor.version=[version]

ex.ant -Dmajor.version=

(here you need to check the version setting in build.xml application.version to make sure it is not hard coded)

This command will generate a couple of sql scripts that you will run later by logging in bpm app database

3. Find nodeutil under  TIBCO_HOME\amx\version\bin\nodeutil

4. Run nodeutil to cleanup (you can run using removeApplication or removeComponents)

ex. ./nodeutil removeComponents -applicationName GARProcess -includeEndpoints -nodeName BPMNode01 -tibcoHostInstanceFolder /opt/tibco/amx-bpm/data/tibco/data/tibcohost/Admin-BPM-BPM/ (-dryRun)

5. Logging in bpm app database, run all the generated sql script starting with ‘delete…’.

Start BPM nodes.

Force delete the application.


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