Fix TIBCO BPM error: RecoveryController – Recovery error javax.transaction.xa.XAException

Error details:

[TxRecoveryThread: java:DataSourceBDS] [ERROR] RecoveryController – Recovery error javax.transaction.xa.XAException at oracle.jdbc.xa.OracleXAResource.recover(

This is caused by Post-Installation task to configure transaction recovery has not bee completed.

Procedure 1. Connect to the Oracle database server as a user that has SYSDBA system privilege. For example: SQL > connect sys/password as sysdba 2. Execute the following SQL statements: GRANT SELECT ON sys.dba_pending_transactions TO user GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.dbms_xa TO user GRANT SELECT ON sys.dba_2pc_pending TO user where user is the name of the BPM database user

TIBCO diagnose

Please provide the initial information so that we may begin investigation.


1) Is this a new installation or has this been previously started successfully?


2) What is the topology of this environment?  HA / Single Node etc.


3) Please provide the log files from the tibcohost, SystemNode and BPMNode:







4) Please provide output from the following commands:




tibcohost describeNodes

tibcohost getNodeStartMode -nodeName BPMNode1 tibcohost getNodeConfigurationProperties -nodeName BPMNode1


). Try starting the node directly using node executable file with “–debug” and capture the output.


Navigate to <CONFIG_HOME>\tibcohost\<INSTANCE>\data_3.2.x\nodes\BPMNode01\bin

Now execute the “tibamx_<<nodename>> –debug”