Ideal Partitions on Linux System


You should partition a disk (or disks) according to your needs. In my experience on Intel, Alpha, and Sparc platforms, for a fairly loaded system (feature-wise), doing a fair amount of tasks (as a desktop system at home, or as an Internet server at work), I have found the following approximation of space works pretty effectively for determining a partition size.


A given disk of X Mb/Gb          (eg. 2 Gb)
(Or, more than one disk with a combined total of X Mb/Gb)


(swap) about double main RAM     (eg. 64 Mb system gets 128 Mb swap)
/ (root)  about 10% of available (eg. 200 Mb)
/home about 20% of available     (eg. 400 Mb)
/usr any remaining space         (eg. 1272 Mb)

/var (optional -- see below)
/boot (optional -- see below)
/archive (optional -- see below)

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